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Swiss Health Portal Sprechzimmer

Patients have a vested interest in reliable information about health issues in the internet. More and more people ask Google for medical information instead of their family doctor.

In Switzerland the leading health portal is Some figures about Sprechzimmer, dated end of 2009: The portal has more than 12,000 pages with information about health topics and diseases. Between 15,000 and 20,000 people visit in a day.

The success of seems to be causes by the moderate use of medical terms and the high quality of the articles. The publisher of has an own editorial office - what most others don't have - and the editorial office is consisting of medical doctors and specialised journalists with a medical background.

Sprechzimmer Health News are daily updated.

Focus themes give in-depth information about subjects of general interest. In most focus themes the editors consult one of the leading Swiss specialists in the respective field. Some examples of focus themes:
multiple sclerosis , vertigo, menopause.

Sprechzimmer disease patterns describe the most popular diseases.


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